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October 24th, 2:22 AM

Suffering from a weird feeling which is hard to express. In physical terms, You’re hungry but have lost your appetite there’s a mild headache that seems to travel slowly down your body. You are being paralyzed by the combined effort of your thoughts and what you are feeling. You feel helpless you have no clue what’s going wrong but you know that something is. It’s the feeling of one of the mornings when you wake up and feel clouds all around you. Dark, dense and grey but everyone else is enjoying their share of sunshine. You hide your head between your knees because you don’t want to be seen crying though you are alone in the room. Maybe you don’t want to see yourself cry and realize what pathetic mess you are. While this is going on your thoughts are showing you snapshots of her, the good times and the bad times you’ve shared. Suddenly you realize something, Love is a parasite! First, it lures you in with big beautiful eyes. You fall but you keep on falling for so long that you aren’t afraid of falling anymore. In the back of your head, you know that you are going to hit ground someday and it’ll be hard and cold and you’ll surprisingly not break any bones but you’ll break something else and you’ll prefer broken bones a hundred times over. Still, you want to willingly fall and you do. Love is a parasite! It doesn’t have it’s own feeling that you can feel so it gives you a combination of feelings. You can’t know what you are feeling and you proudly declare “I am in love” and from here the cycle begins. You are infected and love is feasting off you.


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Hello, Sunday.

For most people Sunday is a day to relax. To shed the stress that’s accumulated through the week and finally you get a day where you can breath with peace. It is quite different for those who are in love and if you love someone who is miles away, it adds up as a bonus point. For me a Sunday is a brilliantly painful time. I usually wake up to the feeling of emptiness in my chest. The nights are lonely and cold. You look out of the window and run your eyes over the landscape as far as they can go. You keep on looking trying to find them somewhere between trees and buildings. After some time your eyes can’t move any further they are tired and disappointed. You sleep realizing the pain of the distance between you two. While you are asleep you cuddle with someone who is not there. You run your hands on the bed wishing it was them.  The nights may be lonely and dark but you are always in hope of a better life that you have planned, the best in your opinion. The beautiful feeling of being loved is always there. It whispers in your ears to stay strong. It plays with your hair while you sleep and when you wake up you still know you are loved. This feeling is a privilege of some and However haughty I might sound saying this, I am privileged to be loved. I am loved by a soul who is attached to a jigsaw puzzle piece that is so odd in it’s shape that it can’t be visualized. She has somehow clung on to me and fixed herself to me in a way that we can’t be separated.

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Just another way to say I Love You.

The wind is blowing slow

Slowly whispering your name

I’m gazing at the sky

As it is slowely shifting shape

I close my eyes

I’m getting fond of this game

I don’t even realise

That I’m whispering the same.


**This Poem was dedicated to Ms. Spufi Gutain.

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Open Spots.

Every time you ignored me,

You left me with an open spot

Someone always filled in for you

The more you avoided me,

the more you were replaced

Now, You have no place in my heart.

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My little Vacation Plan.

Hello there! I am finally done with my exams and have a LOT of spare time. I can without effort spend my vacations browsing the INTERNET and listening to evergreen Indian songs. But, I have to spend my time into time something productive. So here’s what I have decided to do.

  1. Learn Spanish.
  2. Learn how to write academic essays( Because I’ll need it at the university)
  3. Do a critical review of a book.
  4. Spend time with my friends.

This is kind of it because I have only a month’s vacation because on June 18th I’ll be moving out. I am also very happy to give more time to blogging. Thank you for reading. Have a good day.

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Letting Go

Hello, Okay, first of all, thank you for reading I know this is usually said at the end of the post. But no one really reads what you write these days because obviously, they have better things to read than a teenager’s blog. I really don’t know why I am writing this post maybe the reason is there are a lot of things going on in my head and I want to share them with someone and what is better than blogging anonymously. I would soon be leaving my current city and moving to a new one I am very excited for it but I have some fears too.

I am happy that I’ll leave this city and move somewhere, where I will be having a clean slate and can develop myself as a better human. The only concern is I am leaving a lot behind. I have my family, My best friends with whom I’ve spent my life with. I also very concerned about the girl I’m in love with. I know we love each other and she has told me about it. I have tried long distance before and I can say it without hesitation IT SUCKS( sorry to all those who are in a long distance relationship right now, it sucked for me doesn’t mean it will be the same for you)

I am really afraid that all the people I know might change when I come back. All those I knew deeply could become strangers. What if the girl I love does not acknowledge me. What if she has a change of heart. One of my fears is what if I change myself and not notice it. I know it will e devasting if those who love me say that you have changed. It is kind of like saying you are not the person I loved. I just hope I don’t change neither do the ones I want to surround myself with.

Thanks a lot! You read the whole thing. Though I might not know who you are it means a lot you read it. Please drop a comment or send me an E-mail on I can talk about the Universe, God, Love, Philosophy and Comics.

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Light will show and light will blind,

My arms are weak but there’s one last fight

Perhaps with new eyes the world I’ll see

But blinded the world is and blinded is me.


It’s just too beautiful to notice,

You push me as hard as you can

But hold my hand so tight it hurts

Then you tell me I love you.

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I want my words to be like the smile on your face,

Simple, genuine and yet provoking. 

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A Message For a Loner…

A deep fear of losing you

A restless urge to let you go

Eyes seeking forgiveness

Not the same you used to know

I look at your lazy smile

and the crazy heart within

I write my heartbeats in cursive

Let a new story begin…